Monday, October 24, 2011

Homecoming Fun

Remember the picture that included all the supplies my daughter and I were going to use for her homecoming spirit week?  Well, spirit week has come and gone and here are the pics of what we did.  Each day had a different theme.  Monday was "Adult Day" for the juniors.  She decided to wear her scrubs showing her plans to pursue a career in medicine, specifically physical therapy so no crafting there.

Tuesday was character day.  Her and her friends decided to dress as super heroes and for some reason she decided to be Robin, the Boy Wonder.  Kinda funny to see that Robin was taller than Batman and Superman this time around.  For this costume we used a red t-shirt that I appliqued a black circle onto and then she painted the yellow "R".  I made a belt using grosgrain ribbon, purse o rings and velcro.  The best part of this costume that she absolutely loved were the shoes.  How cool are those?  Best of all those were shoes that she discarded just a month ago that we dug out of the yardsale box.  We used mod podge and glitter and followed this tutorial and video from Martha Stewart to make them.  I'm positive she is going to wear those again.

Wednesday was wacky/tacky day, another non craft day.  It is always funny to see how strange some things can look when paired together.  And for the record, those are her pants from a dance recital in grade school and an apron that my mom made her when she was only 4.  Some things are definitely worth keeping.

Thursday was Medieval Day.  She decided to be a jester.  Using school colors I cut 2 t-shirts down the middle and sewed them together.  I made a woven ribbon headband using this tutorial so she would have the trademark diamonds in her costume and we made a tutu for her with jingle bells attached.  We originally planned to make the tutu half and half also but decided that she would be more likely to wear it again for something school spirit related if it wasn't that way.  This was finished off with alternating sock colors and a cute little jester/scepter thing that I whipped up that morning.  In hindsight we should have used a different color pallet.  The school colors looked a little too spirit day which was Friday not Thursday.  

Friday was spirit day.  We've done this a few times and since she is an athlete at school she has lots of school colored clothing.  The bad part is we were kinda rushed that morning and although she promised she would get pics at school all I got was some of her friends with their faces painted.  Lesson learned.  The best part of this night was that she got to drive herself to the game having successfully passed the driving test Thursday afternoon.

Saturday night was the big dance.  The dress was easy to make and of course she looked great in it.  I made the mistake of letting her get dressed at her friends house and not getting many pics of her in the dress.

All in all it was a great week.  Everything was fairly simple to make and she had a great time.  I also have to say that all total we spent less than $80 including the dress pattern and fabric.  I'm sure she is already making plans for next year, she will be a senior after all.

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  1. Great outfits :-) She went all out! What a crafty mom!! Congratulations on that license!