Thursday, February 2, 2012

Green Beans Cans part II

I'll admit it. We like canned green beans. I like fresh green beans too (especially grilled) but canned green beans are a bit of a staple around our house. Last year for my birthday I asked for new cookie sheets and a safe edge can opener. (I know, kitchen equipment, really?) Boy has that can opener done wonders for my crafting. Do you have any idea the places you can use empty cans? I have a bit of a habit of spray painting them to match parties and using them to hold plastic spoons and forks, I used one turned upside down to prop up my phone charger so it didn't get lost at the back of the counter and my newest use was yesterday's Wordless Wednesday. I spray painted 2 to match my daughters room, used some 3m command strips made for hanging pics, and hung them by her desk to hold markers and colored pencils. It frees up some of the space on her desk and she can take the can down when she needs to. The very next day she took the cans down to go outside to color at her picnic table and enjoy the warmer than average temps and then just hung them back up when she was finished. It was as easy as I had hoped it would be. Who knew an empty can could be so versatile?