Thursday, May 19, 2016

Is a Refrigerator Really Necessary? Plus a Sneak Peek of My Next Sewing Project

I have a dilemma that, according to my husband, I have spent a lot of calories worrying about. (Someone please tell my waistline that.) We need a new fridge. Not exactly "need" as in immediately, but not just "want" either since ours is on the fritz and paying for a repairman to come and diagnose a fridge whose history we know nothing about (it came with the house) isn't exactly my idea of a fun way to spend a few hundred dollars. And since there are very few same day delivery options when it comes to refrigerators waiting for ours to die isn't exactly a stress free option either. So, we've been looking at fridges. Like, every. single. time. we go to the home improvement store we have to stop by and open a few doors and make sure that we still want and agree on the same thing. And now we have possible space issues that have more to do with an island that can't be moved because the flooring wasn't continued underneath and the tile is discontinued and ... it just goes on and on. But, I think I have it all figured out.


Seriously, giant coolers like we haul snacks to softball and soccer games in. I mean we already own two. Can't we just get a few more? It would definitely be cheaper than a new fridge. Every family member can have their own cooler. We'll keep a spare on hand for company. The big girls can take theirs back and forth to college. I'll even monogram them with some sweet southern font in their school colors. Think of the space this could save. And time! Oh, the time. We could just take our coolers straight to the grocery store with us and load the cold groceries right into them, wheel those puppies in the house and there, the groceries are already put away. How easy is that? Plus, I would gain a lot of closet space because I wouldn't have to store the coolers for a time of need. They would all stack where the fridge currently is. It's genius if you ask me. I see no flaws. Coolers it is!

Sadly, my husband doesn't want to play along so we continue to consider our refrigerator options. Talk about letting the wind out of my sails. I'm telling you, if we're ever divorced (which we won't be because he's stuck with me), he's getting the fridge. I'm going to coolers.

When I'm not coveting fancy fridges I do have a project in the works at my middle daughter's request. She has a bag full of art supplies that she totes around with her. There are pencils, sharpeners, charcoal, exacto knives, erasers, and well, lots of other things in her pathetic beaten up gallon sized ziploc bag. She told me a while ago that she could use something different so I'm trying a few things out. I'm using a new item for me, iron on vinyl, and working out a pattern for a zippered bag with a lined interior for easy clean up for her.

*Sad art supply bag.

Here are my notes so far. I know what dimensions she wants and made some calculations. I can tell you with great confidence that the calculations were wrong. I made a sample that didn't yield the right dimensions but I know what I did. Don't you love the fish tank sketch? I was drawing a three dimensional bag and ended up with a fish tank the first time around so I put a fish inside. I also have a few notes that I made along the way while I was sewing the first bag.
Here's the prototype. It will be great for something, but not what I intended. I'm not happy with the zipper and the measurements didn't work, at least not for my end goal. I do think this would be great in a beach bag for wet clothes and swimsuits so it won't go to waste.
That's my girl hanging out in my craft room, sketching and rocking her Monica Geller turtle neck. "Mom, the 90's are coming back," she says. Heaven help us.

Check back soon for the finished tutorial and maybe a glance at a few coolers at work.

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