Monday, May 16, 2016

I Made it Monday: The Easy Way to Sew Scout Badges

I Made it Monday

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The Easy Way to Sew Scout Badges

Like her sisters before her, my youngest daughter is a Girl Scout. That means projects, cookies (yum, cookies), meetings, snack time, field trips, camp, and badges. Lots of badges. Some are iron on and some are not. Those that are don't always impress me with the adhesive that is on the badge so I don't even bother. I mean, I have several sewing machines, and I spend time at one of them almost every day so I sew those little puppies on. If you have a Scout and you've tried to sew badges you're probably tired of changing thread colors and lining things up. Here are a few tricks I've learned over the years. 

1. Clear thread. That's right. Don't bother changing your thread for every. single. patch. Just use clear thread and move from one patch to the next. I typically have white thread in my bobbin so that's what I use. I guess I could switch out my bobbin to the color of the vest but I don't. For clear thread I use Coats Transparent Polyester Thread.

2. Before you start sewing lay out your badges on the vest, then trace the outline of where you want them to go with a disappearing marker. I use a Pilot Frixion pen. It erases with heat so a quick press of the iron or tumble in the dryer and the ink is gone. Only one time did it not disappear for me and that was on a canvas bag so be sure to test it first. The price on Amazon is way better than the $5 I paid for just one pen at the quilt shop.

The ink disappears with heat so a quick press of the iron and it's gone.  

3. Sew the badges on. I typically start somewhere on the edge, make a straight line through the badge, then work around the perimeter. Clear thread is forgiving. It really is the secret to success.

The bobbin shows how I start across the middle then sew the perimeter. I also move from one patch to the next when they are placed adjacent to one another without lifting the presser foot.

There you have it. An easy, faster way to sew patches and badges. Be sure to share any tips or tricks you have in the comments and don't forget to follow me on Pinterest, as well as Facebook, and find my designs at Applique Time. Check back next week to see my next I Made it Monday post. 


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