Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I Made it Monday St.Patrick's Day Wreath

I Made it Monday
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St.Patrick's Day Wreath
Happy Tuesday!  I know, this is I Made it Monday, and I'm posting on Tuesday. Can't I get it together? Well, sometimes life just happens, or science fair project deadlines. Something like that. 

I'm a wreath kinda girl. Seriously. I have a wreath or swag or some other type of hanging decoration for my front door for just about every holiday or event. My husband says I'm going to need another closet just to store them all. He may actually be right although it's not likely I'll make that confession to him. A girl needs her secrets. Lately I've been inspired to update my wreaths or repurpose them like I'm doing today.

A few years ago my youngest daughter had a rainbow themed birthday party. It was beautiful and turned out exactly like I had hoped. You'll have to just trust me on it. I have very few photos and the quality of those that I do have leaves much to be desired. Boy oh boy, did we have fun though. One decoration that I made was a rainbow wreath. I used a wire wreath form and just tied strips of grosgrain ribbon to the form, alternating on the inner and outer rings. Easy, peasy. It was time consuming but super easy to do. I just talked and tied. After the party the wreath stayed up for a week or so then went to hang with the other wreaths on my shelf. Fast forward to now ...

The rainbow wreath before.
This is the backside showing how the grosgrain ribbon is simply tied to the frame.

I bought a shamrock hanging decoration on sale at Joann's the other day for $5. I knew when I saw it that it was the perfect addition to my rainbow wreath to make it a great St. Patrick's Day wreath. The shamrock was getting lost in the ribbon when I put it on top so I used styrofoam to raise it a little off of the ribbon wreath and give it a touch of depth. I punched holes in double 1 inch layers of styrofoam with a paint brush and used craft wire to attach the shamrock to the stryofoam and then to the wreath. It was slightly messy (that happens when you're cutting styrofoam) but super easy since the ribbon wreath was already made.

I was so excited about this working that I forgot to take a picture of the shamrock by itself. 

I used a paint brush to make holes in the styrofoam so I could feed the craft wire through.

This image is from the backside. You can see the styrofoam between the wreath and shamrock peeking out.

I'm not sure what I'm more excited about, the repurposing or the creativity. Either way, I have a great wreath. Do you have a wreath that serves multiple purposes at your house? Be sure to share you ideas in the comments and remember, you can always follow me on Pinterest, as well as Facebook, and find my designs at Applique Time

Look at the sparkle! It is so bright and welcoming on my front door.

Check back next week to see my next I Made it Monday post. I'm going to sew simple throw pillows for the couch with just a few straight lines.


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