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I Made it Monday How to Clean Paint Brushes with Murphy's Oil Soap

I Made it Monday

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Murphy’s Oil Soap to Clean Paint Brushes? Why not?

My daughter painted a self-portrait last weekend to send my Mom. She even cleaned up behind herself. Kinda. The paints are still out because she’s “working on something else” and there is still paint on the table because, well, because there is always paint on the table. But she did clean out the brushes. I even asked. Did you clean the brushes? Yes ma’am. Whoa! Did she just say ma’am without me pulling it out of her? That’s how I know I asked. I specifically remember her answer. Well, I should have asked more questions. I mean, really, I’ve been doing this Mom thing for nearly 21 years now. I know to ask more questions, to clarify, to confirm, to make sure that whatever it is it won’t come back to haunt me. Let’s keep it simple here people. I failed. Thankfully my failure led to an amazing discovery that I will now share with you. Join me as I explain how to make your paint brushes new again.

Do you see my dilemma? The third one from the right was so full of white paint that it felt like there was a pebble in the middle.

·        Murphy’s Oil Soap
·        Crusty, dried up, neglected, hard as a rock paint brushes
·        A jar or cup for soaking (I used a mason jar)
·        Fingernail brush or cleaning toothbrush
·        Water
·        Patience

I wonder if there is a way to get that ring out of my window sill that doesn't involve painting?

Before I started I was convinced that the paint brushes were headed for the trash and only went through the effort of trying to clean them so I could say that I had. I really didn’t see any other outcome in the cards and honestly wasn’t even willing to put much effort into trying. They were bad! Rock hard, dried up, felt like there was a rock in the middle of the bristles bad. I gave a quick glance at Pinterest for ideas but I didn’t even bother to read them. That’s how sure I was that these brushes had seen their last canvas. Since I saw a few posts and pics mentioning Murphy’s Oil Soap I decided that would be my halfhearted approach.

The first time I soaked the paint brushes my mixture was approximately 1 part Murphy’s Oil Soap and 3 parts water. You really only need enough liquid to cover the bristles so don’t bother filling the jar as much as I did. Like I said, my heart wasn’t in it so there wasn’t a lot of attention at the beginning. After an overnight soaking I checked the brushes in the morning expecting to find nothing better than I had started with. Boy was I wrong. I rinsed the brushes, gave them a little scrub with my fingernail brush and decided to soak them again with a higher concentrate. It was actually working.

The second time I soaked them in a 1 to 1 mixture. After soaking for the day I rinsed them that night and again, using my fingernail brush, scrubbed at them a little, always in the direction of the bristles. About half of the brushes were completely clean now. And let me be clear, when I say completely clean, I mean there was no paint inside the bristles and the bristles were unbelievably soft. I decided a third soaking was in order for those brushes that hadn’t quite joined the clean team.

The third time I soaked them it was in 100% Murphy’s Oil Soap overnight. The next day I rinsed them and gave them some more love with the fingernail brush and that was it. Viola! They were all clean. And not just clean, but clean and soft and really like new. Better than new even. With their nicks and chips on the handles my brushes looked like they had painted a masterpiece and lived to tell about it. 
I'm serious when I say they are as clean and as soft as they were new.
Have you tried Murphy’s Oil Soap to clean paint brushes or do you have another you won’t believe it approach or use for Murphy's Oil Soap? If so, please share in the comments and check back next week when I will share a slightly cheesy Valentine care package for my oldest daughter that doesn’t contain a lot of junk or candy (it’s harder than you think).

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Arbitrary self-portrait inclusion. She loves her red hair.

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