Monday, January 25, 2016

I Made it Monday Hugs & Kisses Valentine Decoration

I Made it Monday

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Hugs & Kisses Valentine Decoration

This weekend my youngest daughter and I set out to make a Valentine craft. By this I mean, I desperately wanted to pull her away from her electronics in a way that wasn't so obvious to her by making a cute Valentine decoration together. I also got in a tiny little Mom "win" since I was able to save the obvious "that's enough electronics today" for later that evening.

Dollar store or clearance picture frames
Decorative or solid craft paper
Vinyl cutter (I have a Silhouette Cameo) or Printer
Vinyl if needed
Ribbon if you so choose

I bought three of these picture frames on clearance at Target just after Christmas. I'm sure that they were intended for Christmas but the sparkly red said Valentines to me. At only $1 each I really couldn't pass them up. If you can't find clearance picture frames you can always check the dollar store. I think black frames would be just as cute with a red, white, and pink color scheme for the paper and vinyl.

We were trying very hard to work with what we had on hand. I didn't have enough of the blue paper or pink for all of the frame so we decided to have two with blue and one with pink. This also allowed for two different colors of words so I didn't mind. We were having a hard time deciding colors anyway. I cut the paper to fit inside the frame and my daughter put them together. For some reason she was really excited to do that part. After that we sat down to create the words in Silhouette Studio and cut them in vinyl. If you don't have a vinyl cutter don't be discouraged. You could print the words on your paper from your computer. Just play around with some fonts and see what you like, then print it out on your chosen paper. Vinyl is just an option. I would suggest printing it out first then cutting your paper to fit inside the frame. This will probably take a little more planning to decide where the placement of the word should be on the paper but I know you can handle it.

For our frames the paper is behind the glass but the vinyl is on the outside. I do wish that I had put the word "kisses" a little higher but not enough that I was going to cut more vinyl and start over. I'm already thinking I may do it again, next year of course, with a different font. I was looking for a romantic, cursive font, but I'm already thinking chunky and fun for next year. Luckily the frames were inexpensive and are easy to change. Don't be surprised if you see these resurface with white and blue for 4th of July, and maybe green during Christmas. Don't you love a versatile craft project?

You could use ribbon to attach the frames to one another and make a vertical wall hanging or just to add little bows to the frames. We chose to display them as they are on a table in the foyer. I like the idea of a wall hanging but for some reason I already have a lot of Valentine wall decorations.

We're working on a few other decorations to add to the table so the frames don't look so lonely. Right now my silly daughter likes to rearrange them to say Kisses and Hugs when I'm not looking.

Do you have a versatile way to craft with picture frames? 

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