Monday, February 29, 2016

I Made it Monday Birthday College Care Package

I Made it Monday

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Birthday College Care Package

A few weeks ago I shared the Valentine’s Day College Care Package that I sent my oldest daughter.

This week I’m sharing the Birthday College Care Package that we sent her just 10 days later for her 21st birthday.

This time we were really trying to put something together for her to open on her actual birthday. This was her first birthday away from home and it was a big one, 21! Although her dad and I did send her a gift that she already opened, this package was meant to hold her sisters’ gifts for her as well as a little birthday fun as well.

Here’s what I did.

First, I lined the inside of the box that everything was going in with wrapping paper.

This is the first box that I lined. It turned out to not be big enough so I lined a bigger box. Nothing like doing something twice because you didn't think it all the way through the first time.

Inside we put …

Her younger sister’s gift for her, a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera and Film

They have always been very generous when buying gifts for one another.

Her youngest sister’s gifts for her. 3 squishimal dinosaurs from the party section at Target and a pack of Amibo cards for the video game that they play together. 

My two younger daughters had a fun time thinking of names for the dinosaurs, ‘Roar’y, Ger’rawr’d, and ‘Claw’dia.

Five cans of Silly String. She’s a college kid. College kids=silly string. 

What you can't see is that her boyfriend is nearby and is about to be shot with silly string.

Party Blowers

A Party Hat

A Princess Crown, for when the party hat starts to get in the way.

A 21st birthday wine glass that I personalized for her with vinyl. I found the glasses here. I liked these the best because they’re polycarbonate, so they won’t break easily, and they offered a large surface area for me to work with when decorating them. I will confess, in my mind she is filling it with apple juice or water. Nothing more. Hey, a Mom can dream.

A small mylar balloon on a stick. I had to remove the stick and tuck it in the box separate but every girl needs a balloon on her birthday. Mom wasn’t about to disappoint.

And finally, Happy Birthday confetti. Everywhere. Inside everything. So much so, that when she went to the post office to pick up the package the attendant told her there was confetti falling out of the box. That’s worth at least 5 Mom points, right?

Thankfully we were all able to be home at the same time so that we could video chat with her when she opened her box. Almost like it was scripted, she shot silly string at her boyfriend when he came in the room and decided that the dinosaurs will reside in the living room so her and her roommates can “play” with them. There’s no telling what those dinos are going to be doing. Probably not much studying.

If you have more care package ideas that are fun, simple, and won’t break the bank, please share. With two kids in two different colleges next year I’ll take all the suggestions I can get.

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