Monday, July 27, 2015

I Made it Monday, What was I thinking?

I Made it Monday

Three weeks ago I introduced a new plan to kick start my blog and hopefully get me back to posting somewhat regularly. Unfortunately I didn't plan things very well. My entire craft room, including 99% of the remainder of my household, is currently packed away in storage while we transition to a new home, that we have yet to find, almost 900 miles away. Every week on Monday I'm supposed to try to post about something that I've made. I've made a lot of things so that should be easy, right? Not exactly. While I have made a lot of things I'm not always so great at taking pictures and since all of those "things" are packed 900 miles away right now I can't just go snap a quick picture or two. I thought about just linking to tutorials that I've used in the past but it's not easy to write a post about someone else's post when you don't even have an original picture. Unfortunately I'm going to have to take a slight break from IMIM but only for a short while. Soon enough we will find the perfect house for us and I'll have lots to post about. At least that's what I'm telling myself right now. If I don't take a break my posts are likely to be filled with how I had my marriage license in my hand two weeks ago but decided to put it in storage (I've been married almost 22 years after all) but now have to order a copy of it so I can get a driver's license in a state where I previously held one for 14 years, how I have to order copies of my car titles because I moved them to a different folder while on an organizing kick and failed to bring that folder with us, or how we have to pay the full price for tags for our cars (after I get the replacement titles) then renew them at full price the next month because it is my husband's birth month. Obviously it's better if I take a break. No one wants to read about that. You can still follow me on Pinterest, as well as Facebook, and find my designs at Applique Time. See, I won't really be gone at all.


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