Monday, July 13, 2015

I Made it Monday Holiday Pillowcases

I Made it Monday

Last week I introduced a new plan to kick start my blog and hopefully get me back to posting somewhat regularly. Every week on Monday I will try to post something that I made. This week I'm sharing a gift that I made with my daughter as a "Going to College" gift for her best friend. The truth is we made it last year but hey, it's Monday and I made it so it works. If you want to share your IMIM creations please feel free to in the comments or on my Facebook page,

Holiday Pillowcases

When my daughter graduated from high school a few years ago a dear family friend sent her several things that she made for her in her new college school colors. One of those things was a beautiful pillowcase that she put on her pillow when we unpacked her in her new dorm room. When it came time to start sending care packages I decided to start sending similar pillowcases only holiday themed. Coming from a house that is typically decorated for whatever the upcoming holiday is my daughter was really missing out on the family decorations and I thought this would be a good way to at least bring a little "holiday" into her dorm. When her best friend went away to college the following year she wanted to do the same for her.

I used the tutorial found on Twiddletails blog, It's very easy to follow and the pictures are helpful too. The only thing I changed (and she talks about it on the post) is the trim strip. I chose to cut my trim piece 1 3/4 inches wide. This is just a slight difference and probably doesn't make enough difference for most people to care. The other thing to know is if you are using directional fabric for the main fabric you may need a larger cut. Here's how to tell ...

If you are holding the bolt of fabric horizontally and the fabric is the right direction, meaning you can read the print or the animals or images are the right direction and you don't have to turn the bolt, then you will need 1 1/2 yds of fabric. When you are cutting the main fabric keep this in mind and fold the fabric accordingly. 

If you are holding the bolt of fabric vertically and the fabric is the right direction then you will need just the 3/4 yd and can cut it according to the tutorial. For non-directional fabric go with the 3/4 yd.

If you're really having fun making pillowcases but have no one to give them to check with your local hospital. I have read where many hospitals, especially children's hospitals, accept pillowcases to give their young patients to brighten up their rooms.

I've made several since these, including one last week at the request of my middle daughter for a birthday gift for a friend. They really are fun since they are so quick and easy and look beautiful. Go ahead, give it a try. I doubt you will be disappointed.

Here are a few pictures of the pillowcases we made. We made an Easter themed one as well but it went in an early gift package and didn't make the group pics. I included close ups of the Thanksgiving and Christmas fabrics because they were just so stinkin' cute.


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