Monday, March 28, 2016

I Made it Monday, well, I Made a Lot of Things

I Made it Monday

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I Made a Lot of Things

Here's the deal ... I have been trying really hard to be sure to post something every Monday. I have tried really hard to plan my posts and often have them written several days before they are actually posted on Monday. But this time, this time is different. There's nothing. No pre-written post, no tutorial, no extra pics. Last week was Spring Break for my two girls that are still at home and the week before was Spring Break for my oldest daughter that is away at college in Maryland. To say that we've had a busy two weeks would be an understatement. My older daughter visited for a week with two college classmates and the day that she left my middle daughter's best friend arrived for a six day stay. Essentially, I've been running a bed and breakfast for the last two weeks. Don't tell the HOA. It can be our secret. So here's what I made ...

  • I made dozens of dirty towels turn into clean, folded towels, ready to be soiled again.
  • I made several trips to the grocery store.
  • I made a lot of bacon. 
  • I made dirty dishes turn into clean dishes after serving home cooked meals to kids who eat in a dining hall every night.
  • I made meatloaf, not because I wanted to, because they asked for it.
  • I made my youngest daughter squeal with delight when I told her we were meeting friends from Maryland for a day in Orlando.
  • I made our middle daughter cry when she found out that her best friend was coming from Maryland to spend the week with her.
  • I made a lot of beach sand go back outside where it belonged.
  • I made it possible for six kids to smile and laugh and relax for a week before going back for the final stretch of their school year. 
  • And, I even made it out of bed on time this Monday morning. That was the hardest thing of all.

Next week will be different. Things will be normal, whatever that is, and I'll post a fun craft or tutorial, maybe a recipe, and a few pics. This week I'll be satisfied with the memories that I made over the last two weeks because isn't that what we're all aiming for anyway?

My middle daughter and her best friend headed out to a movie. Those girls were on the move the entire time that she was here. It was like they never missed a beat.

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