Sunday, May 26, 2013

A photo shoot of a photo shoot?

Two weeks ago we were privileged to have Ashlee from Ashlee D Photography take some amazing pics of the girls at Sotterly Plantation. My husband wanted to bring our camera and take pictures also of the actual picture taking process. I'll admit it. I thought it was silly, but honestly what else was he going to do while the girls were being photographed? This man has got to have something to do. Standing around wasn't going to cut it.  

So as Ashlee did her magic Troy was in the background taking pics. And now I have to admit this ... it was pretty cool to see the pics! Since I was caught up helping with the girls, fixing blouses or pushing hair back, I didn't get to see the event as it took place and until now I didn't think that it mattered. 

I also owe yet another special thanks to Ashlee for doing such an amazing job. The girls really enjoyed spending time with her and Troy and I were extremely pleased with the photos. Thanks Ashlee!

Haley was being silly doing push ups to make Heather smile while Ashlee was taking her picture. This of course led to Heather doing push ups to show that she could do them faster, better, stronger ... you get the idea. Haley's response was to sit on Heather while she tried to show her up and as usual Hope tried to do the same thing as Heather. Ashlee did a great job of jumping in to take a pic of them being the silly, competitive girls that we know and love. 

Eventually both Haley and Hope ended up sitting on Heather's back while she did more push ups.


You can almost see the tall grass blowing in the wind behind us.

To see Ashlee's finished portraits of the girls, including the push up pic, you can check out her blog here and here.

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