Monday, February 11, 2013

Sewing with Friends

I have a sewing buddy! You know the kind. Trips to the fabric store together. Fun days sitting side by side talking over the hum of our machines. The pride of shared finished projects. A sewing buddy. 

A few months ago (okay, the first day of school) we made a trip to our favorite fabric store. There was no surprise when this resulted in a wonderful day together and a few more things in our baskets than planned. Oh well. A great fabric store will do that to the best of us. 

One of the things that she left with was Izzy & Ivy Designs' Stella dress and skirt pattern. My friend really wanted to tackle it and I agreed to help if needed. When she showed the pattern to her daughter the decision to sew it was confirmed and the fabric choices were made too. Her daughter wanted it to look just like the pattern using Riley Blake's Sugar & Spice fabrics. Thankfully I was already familiar with the line so I began locating the fabrics and we decided we would make it together. 

Together almost turned into forever. Each week we would try to find time to sew together and each week life would get in the way. Some weeks our schedules just couldn't line up. Often when they did we had other "Mom" issues to tackle that cut into our sewing time. And some days when we were supposed to be sewing we just talked. (Those are some of my favorites.) But, we did get it done and her and I, as well as our daughters, are very pleased with the finished products.  

Unfortunately this doesn't have the happiest of endings. My sewing buddy is moving across the country in just a few weeks and this was the last of our projects together ... kinda. I'm positive we'll be working on projects side by side via skype as soon as she is settled. That's just how great she is!


  1. How totally adorable! The girls are great models. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
    Jana Nielson
    Izzy & Ivy Designs

  2. FANTASTIC JOB!! Love this and am so inspired!