Sunday, January 29, 2012

An Easy Way to Display Artwork

5 year old? Check.
Constant stream of completed worksheets from school? Check.
Seemingly never ending stacks of the finest 5 year old artwork? Check.
A place to display said worksheets and artwork that doesn't involve taping them to a door or hanging them from the fridge? Check, check, check!

Here's how ...

All you need is an inexpensive cafe rod and some drapery rings. I already had a cafe rod on hand but it was white with gold trim. Since black is the new black around my house I spray painted the rod and hanging hardware first. I picked up a few packs of curtain clip rings, slipped them on the rod before I hung it (be sure to use the center support if you are making it super long) and was ready to display our beautiful works of art. Now, each day I just replace the oldest with something new. The display is ever changing, always represents the season or holiday and since ours is in the dining room we have a conversation starter for dinner every night. Plus the entire project cost less than $20. 

Have your own artist and want to make something special for them? Then you need this free painter's palette applique design

If you're the type that reads blogs (psst, that's you) please consider following me. Comments are always welcome too! I would love to hear about the creative ways that you plan to use the design and how you might be using your own artwork display in your home too.



  1. Thanks a bunch! and thanks for the freebie on appliqueforum too!

  2. Thank you for the darling design!!

  3. Thank you so much for the free design. Great to make some smocks for my kids.