Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ric Rac on an applique? How do I attach that?

When I created my ornament with ric rac detail I knew that I should offer some kind of explanation of how to attach it.  If this were my first time doing this I would have wondered how to do it.  I would have had a few ideas but still I would have been on the internet searching for “how to attach ric rac to an appliqué”.  Since I’m sure I wouldn’t be alone with this search query I decided I should probably answer it so here it is … oh, and wish me luck, it’s my first tutorial …

The directions begin on step # 5 of my ornament design however they apply to any scenario where there is a need for an embellishment like ric rac or ribbon.

First, run the placement line for the ric rac.  I ran it a few times so it would show up in the picture but typically this would be just one quick line.

Next, attach the ric rac or ribbon with tape.  That’s right, tape.  I use scotch tape, the kind with the green plaid paper insert.  You know, the kind that you hide on top of the refrigerator so the kids don’t use it up because it’s the good stuff.  Tape the ric rac down making sure that it’s directly centered over the placement line.  I don’t use pins because you can only safely pin the ends of the ric rac and must hope that it doesn’t shift.  With tape I know that 100% of the length is secured. 

Now you’re ready to run the tack down stitch.  For my design it runs left and then right. 

After you’ve taken a look at your ric rac and decided that you’re pleased it’s time to peel the tape away.  The trick to this is to pull the tape at a 90o angle.  Separate the tape from the ric rac, turn it up to a 90o angle and slowly pull.  Because the tape is essentially perforated by the stitches it pulls away easily as long as you have it at the angle and take your time.  If there are any little pieces of tape that don’t come off just carefully use you’re seam ripper to help get the little pieces off.   

When you’re ready to trim the ric rac don’t get carried away.  I know, you like to cut as close to the tack down line as possible, I do too, but this is one time when leaving a little extra (just a little) will be ok.  If you cut it to close it will pull and separate when you run the satin stitch.

After that you’re ready to finish running the satin stitches, trim your threads and viola!  A beautifully enhanced appliqué design.    

And now you know an easy way to attach ric rac or ribbon to an appliqué.  Have fun! 

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